Bentivoglio Brand New and Used Machine Tools Make & Trade
Bentivoglio Brand New and Used Machine Tools Make & Trade

About Us

Make & trade Bentivoglio

In Brescia, into the panorama connected with the manufacture of iron and metals, the name Bentivoglio already appeared in 1911. Over the years, the following generations have continued to expand their products, without ever change them.

The Bentivoglio Make & Trade, transformed in the early 80s, represents both tradition (which continues through the in-house production of machine tools) and transformation (by retrofitting), as well as the trading of used machine tools. With the help of its own employees and also of external collaborators, Bentivoglio Make & Trade gives the customer a truly efficient after-sales service.

The headquarters are in Rovato (Brescia) over a total area of 36.000 sq.m. where you can see our production (100% Italian) of boring and boring-milling machines with the brand MAKE, as well as a vast fleet of retrofitted and used machines. The in-house production of lathes with brand CSF takes place in San Pietro Mosezzo (Novara).

Prerogative of Bentivoglio Make & Trade, for both the sectors new and used, is the chips removal. However in our premise, especially among the used machines, you can easily find machine tools for molding or for sheet metal forming.

The proud and almost secular experience that comes from our predecessors allows us to keep growing culturally and professionally and drives us to maintain alive the memory of our past, preserving, managing and valuing what has been materially and spiritually transmitted.