Bentivoglio Brand New and Used Machine Tools Make & Trade 
Bentivoglio Brand New and Used Machine Tools Make & Trade
Bentivoglio Brand New and Used Machine Tools Make & Trade

Bentivoglio Make & Trade - Brand new and used machine tools

We have officially moved to our new productive and commercial premises in Rovato (Brescia) - Via San Donato 32, right in front of the A4 Milan-Venice motorway (on a total area of 36.000 sq.m), come to visit us! - ph. +39.030.2721376
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Used Machine Tools

We have selected some used products for you:

Deep Hole Drilling Machine IMSA

Model: MF 1500
Code: 039FORfp

Deep Hole Drilling Machine TBT

Model: M03 - 2500
Code: 021FORfp

Machining Center FPT

Model: RAID XL
Code: 219CDL

Machining Center YANG

Model: BMV-1600
Code: 223CDL

Die Sinking Edm CDM ROVELLA

Model: BF 1810 (montante mobile)
Code: 032ELEt

5 Axis Milling Machine FAMU gruppo PARPAS

Model: PHS916 TT90
Code: 013FRSca

5 Axis Milling Machine FPT

Code: 014FRSca

5 Axis Milling Machine JOBS

Code: 015FRSca

5 Axis Milling Machine MAZAK

Model: INTEGREX e-1060 V/8
Code: 012FRSca

5 Axis Milling Machine PROMAC

Model: ZEPHYR VTT 3.0
Code: 011FRSca

5 Axis Milling Machine SACHMAN-RAMBAUDI

Model: RAMFAST RF 105
Code: 009FRSca

Bed Type Milling Machine PARPAS

Model: SL60
Code: 128FRSbf

Floor Type Milling Machine FPT

Model: SIRIO M40
Code: 106FRSmm

Floor Type Milling Machine MECOF

Model: CS 500 AGILE
Code: 102FRSmm

Floor Type Milling Machine NOVAR

Code: 093FRSmm

Centerless Grinding Machine GHIRINGHELLI

Model: M 500 SP 600
Code: 008RTFsc

Parallel Lathe GMG

Code: 514TRN

Parallel Lathe GMG

Code: 590TRN

Parallel Lathe GMG

Model: MAXIM
Code: 532TRN

Parallel Lathe SAFOP

Model: LEONARD 1500
Code: 613TRN

Parallel Lathe WMW

Model: 4 GUIDE
Code: 506TRN

Slant Bed Lathe PBR

Model: A 550 CNC
Code: 148TRNbi

Slant Bed Lathe WFL

Code: 138TRNbi

Floor Type Boring Machine FPT

Model: M-ARX M90
Code: 047ALSmm

T Type Boring Machine CASTEL

Model: RED T10
Code: 053ALSt

Hydraulic Press MOSSINI

Model: PO/2M/P 400, PLC SIEMENS S5
Code: 075PRSi

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